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Black Rat Snake

Posted on 13 January, 2019 by Turner
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dinocontenti.com -Black Rat Snake Pantherophis obsoletus – also known as the western rat snake, black rat snake, pilot black snake, or simply black snake – is a non-venomous species of Colubridae found in central North America.

1. Pantherophis Obsoletus

Pantherophis Obsoletus  DownloadSource: en.wikipedia.org

Gray ratsnake. The Gray Ratsnake, is also commonly known as the Black Ratsnake or the Eastern Ratsnake. It is non-venomous and is Ontario’s largest snake, reaching up to 2 metres in length. This elegant snake has a shiny black body with a white chin and throat. The belly is white or yellowish with dark spots that often produce a checkerboard pattern. Young snakes are grey with dark blotching on the body

Black Rat Snake information & facts. Black Rat Snake Biology: In general, black rat snakes are a medium-sized snake. Their average length is between 40 to 70 inches. The widest point of the snake’s body is usually near the tail section and the snake has an average diameter of around two inches.

Snake facts and information. Diet /Feeding. The Black Rat Snake is a constrictor so they will coil around the bodies of prey and cut off the ability to breathe. They consume a wide variety of food including rodents, chipmunks, other snakes, and just about anything else they can find in their given habitat.

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